Training and Preparation for The Open!

DSC_0113The CrossFit Games is a three stage journey of competitions beginning with The Open. The Open is five weeks of competition focusing on a series of five different workouts. It is a nationally and globally ranked event, and Ripped With Ri’s Riley Holman is keen to take on the challenge.

The competition requires a completion of each of the workouts posted by CrossFit headquarters located at a local CrossFit affiliate. The affiliate records individual times and scores for each workout to submit online by the weekly deadlines. Those who successfully complete The Open with scores placing them near the top of their region’s Leaderboard may qualify to advance to the next stage of the CrossFit Games.

Riley has planned her first workout for February 27 at CrossFit Versitile. She will be competing in the female, individual, RX division, at the suggestion of her coach, Ben Gleason. Riley is looking forward to doing this competition mainly to see what she is capable of and where she can really improve fitness wise.

Following the Wendler program supervised by Coach Gleason, Riley has been training 4-6 days a week. The object of CrossFit training is to train for the expected and the unexpected because participants do not know what the competition workout will entail until the workout is posted the night before that week’s event.

Due to her previous Achilles tendon injury, still healing, Riley has been receiving deep tissue massages each week to help relax and loosen muscles. This serves to enable the ease of movements more efficiently and pain free.

In preparation for this competition Riley has been incorporating a healthy diet with approved supplements.  The aim has been to improve her strength while also addressing some digestive issues previously not dealt with. As part of that Riley has gone dairy, gluten, soy, corn, peanut, egg, and sugar free along with forgoing artificial sweeteners and flavors.

Many people are intolerant to these items and Riley says she has noticed a big difference in the way her stomach feels as well as improved energy and general wellbeing by not consuming these.  Particularly she has had less inflammation in her joints and muscles. She sticks to lean white meats and complex carbs. She also eats lots of fruits and is picky with her vegetables. For these reasons she prefers plant based protein powders when supplementing.

Riley’s dedication to personal fitness isn’t just directed at herself. She is also committed to helping others achieve their personal fitness goals as well. If you would like to set up a training session, please contact Ripped With Ri today!

Riley’s Check In

The New Year is well underway. In the aftermath of the holidays and having rescued a new dog member, it has been a challenge to attend to my own workout routine as much as I would like. I have also been limited from high impact training such as running and jumping due to recovery for an Achilles tendonitis issue. However, with modifications I have been doing Crossfit, and am slowly increasing the pace as I’ve been healing.

I have been stretching and foam rolling to reduce soreness and tightness after workouts, and sometimes before, as well. Because I know firsthand how helpful it can be I encourage my clients to incorporate foam rolling with their stretching. Stretching is an important part of any workout.

On the nutritional supplement front I’ve recently added Nzero made by Cellucor and Con-cret made my Promera Sports to my diet. I am excited to use both to help increase my strength and optimize my circulation during workouts. I have tried Nzero before and love how warm it makes me feel. Having better blood flow in my workouts is crucial for avoiding muscle strains or tears.

I am currently preparing for an upcoming competition at Crossfit Versitile on February 26. Because my Achilles tendon is still healing I will not be running in this competition, though I’m looking forward to tackling that challenge in future. I’ll be participating this time around mostly to support my box and community. I’m looking forward to having fun fun and also gaining more experience as a competitive athlete.

If you are looking for a personal trainer to help you with your personal fitness goals and who provides support and encouragement while challenging you to keep improving then contact me to set up an introductory session.