Tim Vail

A few months ago I met a pretty incredible young woman.  I am not an easy person to please, and it takes a lot to impress me, so when I make that statement…..I REALLY mean an incredible young woman!!!  Her name is Riley Holman.

At the gym, I had observed her from afar over a long period of time as I do many members and trainers.  I was impressed with what I witnessed.  As I moved through 3 trainers during the past couple years, I wondered what she would be like.  Who would have guessed that our paths would eventually cross.

I had made general improvements in terms of cardio and strength and had lost 20 lbs but lacked a specific focus and needed to form a true bond with a trainer.  Little did I know that when I lost my last trainer and was assigned another, that at my first meeting I would be face to face…well, I should say her face to my chest, with the Holmanator.  I was excited to finally meet her.

I couldn’t believe she was 20 and still in school.  Exhibiting a maturity level far beyond her years, I was impressed with her knowledge, desire to continue learning, her willingness to help, and her insistence on excellence both from herself and her clients.

Our first appt together involved a detailed interview…the best I ever had…of my needs and wishes and what injuries plagued an older guy like me.  Following that, I have loved absolutely EVERY minute we have spent together during our short time together (except for playing the Fish Game)!!!

What has mattered most to me was not the victories or defeats I have had when exercising with her, but knowing that my best 20 year old friend was with me and supporting me.  We may be separated by 33 years in age, but I feel a special bond with her as a friend, as a mentor to me as I hope I can also be to her, and as my trainer.

We have laughed a lot, worked a lot, talked about silly stuff, and serious stuff too.  I have made improvements under her tutelage that I made with no other trainer.

I hope to retain my Body by Holman physique which is still changing and take it to a higher level, but it won’t be the same or as fun without her.

Our working relationship has not ended the way in which I thought it would.  I figured we would exercise off into the sunset up until my last day in Greensboro.  Life did not turn out that way.

It is safe to say that as we both move forward she will replace me with other clients to fill the hours and pay the bills, but it will be impossible for me to find another Riley.  She’s truly one of a kind!

She’s the perfect daughter I never had, but she’s also like having a younger sister, and most importantly she is my lifelong friend.  I’m going to miss her more than she knows.  I hope we remain friends and that she includes me in updates on her schooling, life, loves, and heartbreaks as we both grow older in tandem.

Riley…you’re simply the best!!!

Much love and only the best wishes!



Timothy J. Vail

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

BauschLinnemann North America, Inc.

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